Sport Horse Award

  1. Shows must be registered with CDS and will receive all benefits of other CDS shows (calendar listing, publishing results, show packet with rules, etc.)
  2. Non-member rules and scholarship fees apply. Handlers are exempt from non-member fees.
  3. Results must be reported within two weeks days of show date. Failure to report may result a loss of recognition of the show. All classes must be reported separately (even if combined for awards).
  4. Manager and secretary must be a member of CDS.
  5. Shows must follow USEF Dressage/Sport Horse Breeding rules. Current USDF Sport Horse/Breed Score Sheets must be used.
  6. An USEF licensed Dressage/Sport Horse judge is required.
  7. Any classes can be offered but only yearling, two-year-old and three year-old filly, colt and gelding, as well as mature mare and mature stallion in-hand classes on the triangle will count for CDS awards.
  8. The official USDF score sheets must be used.
  9. A sporthorse division may be held with a dressage show.
  10. The owner of the horse must be a current member of CDS for the scores to count for CDS Awards. This individual must be named on the show reports in addition to any barn, farm, ranch or stable listed as owner.
  11. It is the responsibility of the owner to check scores.
  12. The results will be recorded in the name of the owner at the CDS Central Office. Results must include the membership number and name of the individual member of CDS in whose name the horse has been shown.
  13. All handlers will sign the release form (under “Trainer”).
  14. Scoring will be on a point system: 5pts-1st, 4pts-2nd, 3pts-3rd, 2pts-4th, 1pt-5th. Horses must actually be shown in order to achieve points; there will be no points awarded for classes that are awarded on presentation in a previous class.
  15. If there are fewer than three in the class, the point system changes to: 2pts-1st, 1pt-2nd.
  16. Show Championship classes can be held in age groups with 2pts to the winner and 1pt to reserve.
  17. Overall Show Championship class may be held with 2pts to the winner and 1pt to reserve.
  18. Classes to count: yearling filly, yearling colt, yearling gelding, two-year-old filly, two-year-old colt, two-year-old gelding, three-year-old filly, three-year-old colt, three-year-old gelding, mature mare and mature stallion. In order to earn points, the horse must be presented in the arena. Only USDFBC classes will count for the CDS Sport Horse awards.
  19. Double points will be awarded for the USDFBC Finals.
  20. Ten (10) points is required to qualify for year end awards.
  21. At the end of the show year, the list of those who have qualified and their points will be published in Dressage Letters.
  22. Annual Champion and Reserve ribbons will be presented to horses that accumulate the most points in the CDS Sport Horse Breed Award program in the following categories: Mare/Filly and Stallion/Gelding.
  23. Conservative apparel and running shoes are recommended to be worn to show on the triangle.