How CDS, USDF, & USEF Memberships Work

CDS memberships run from December to December. If you join after October, you're considered a member for the following year. Part of your dues goes directly to the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) for your group membership.


Your group membership with the USDF entitles you to:

  1. Rider Awards

  2. Subscription to the USDF Connection (official USDF magazine)

You must join the USDF as a Participating Member and register your horse if you want to compete in the USDF Horse of the Year Awards, Breed awards or USDF/Great American Championship. Your Participating Membership with USDF is for the year November to November.

USEF (formerly AHSA) has no reciprocal membership agreement with CDS. To avoid the non-member fees at USEF shows, you must join the organization. Your USEF membership entitles you to:

  1. A copy of the current rule book for your discipline

  2. Monthly issues of Horse Show Magazine

USEF memberships run from November to November. If you want to qualify and compete for the USDF Championships, you must also record your horse with USEF.

All of these organizations memberships apply to both rider and the owner of the horse, if they are not the same person.