CDS JR / YR Championships Qualifying Requirements

CDS will require a nomination fee ($25) for each HORSE/RIDER  COMBINATION -  for JR YR Championship classes. Fees must be paid before the closing date of the JR YR Championship Show. Teams are exempt. A horse/rider combination must achieve the following for qualification at the various levels for the CDS Junior Championships. Qualifying dates run from cut-off date to cut-off date. 
Rider and Owner must be CDS members for scores to count toward any CDS program

South JULY 13-14, 2019.
North JULY 26-28, 2019.


Level Scores / Percent (or better) Number of Different Judges
Training Level 3 / 62% two
First Level 3 / 60% two
Second Level 3 / 57% two
Third Level 3 / 57% two
FEI Junior (Team/Ind) 3 / 57% two
Fourth Level 3 / 57% two
FEI YR 3 / 57% two


Previous Junior Championship winners may not compete at the Junior Championship at the same level with the same horse at Training, or First  Level.