CDS Scholarship Awards
$6,300 in 2018

Jane Jackson
awarded to:

Nila Venkat

I have owned my horse, Skyler, for 3 years, and I have learned so much with him. Together, we went from showing 2nd Level to, now, competing at Prix St George and schooling IntermediaIre. Skyler and I represented USDF Region 7 at the North American Junior Championships in 2016 and the Young Rider Championships in 2017. Though I have been very fortunate to have received consistent training, as I started moving up the levels I realized the incredible value of clinicians. I began attending and auditing clinics with international coaches as much as I could as the wealth of information in the form of tips, tricks, new exercises, theories, and new methods of thinking about the sport of dressage was astounding.

I am very excited to be a working student for Hilda from early May until I start my college this fall. I will have the opportunity to train with Skyler (and hopefully bring him to Grand Prix), ride Hilda’s horses, and learn about the intricacies of running a breeding and training facility. If awarded this scholarship, I would use it to train with Hilda throughout the summer. As I will be attending Claremont McKenna College in the fall, I can hopefully keep Skyler at Keenridge and continue my training with Hilda during my college years.

I currently have my USDF Bronze Medal, Silver Medal, and Silver Freestyle Bar.

Hans Moeller awarded to:

Faith Grimm

I first joined CDS, Pomona Chapter, as a junior in the late ‘70s.  I moved away with my husband from 1989 through 1993 when we returned and rejoined CDS Pomona Chapter.

This year has been particularly difficult for me financially.  My barn, tack room and feed room were all completely destroyed in the Canyon 2 fire.  If I am awarded this scholarship I will continue my training with Lilo Fore and Conrad Schumacher.  I also hope to be able to participate in clinics/lessons with other noteworthy instructors cumulating in the CDS and Regional  Championships.  My educational objectives are to deepen my knowledge of FEI level training and ultimately compete at Grand Prix and finish my Gold Medal.   

Using this scholarship to deepen my knowledge allows me to be a more effective instructor for my students.  As I rebuild from the ashes, I plan on offering reduced rates to juniors and I am hoping to start group lessons open to all who desire to work on Dressage at an easily affordable rate.  I will be happy to teach clinics or camps elsewhere if asked.

I have earned my Bronze and Silver Medals and I have the Intermediare scores for my Gold Medal.

Sharon Carpenter awarded to:

Mylene Chow Jugan

I am applying for the Sharon Carpenter Scholarship in order to further my education and skills in our beloved sport of dressage.  If I am fortunate enough to be granted this honor, I would like to be able to obtain a freestyle for my horse.  My dream to be able to “dance” with my horse would then be possible.

My wonderful partner, a Hanoverian gelding, purchased as a four year old, now seven, has brought a spark to my desire to excel in the show arena.   Although I have been riding dressage since 2001, I have finally found what I believe is my “perfect partner”. It is extremely fulfilling to be able to bring a young horse along and up through the levels.  I have trained with Tiffany Kell Brinton since early 2000.  I have had the pleasure of doing clinics with Debbie Mac Donald, Gerhardt Politz, Alfredo Hernandez, Melonie Kessler, and Tom Betts. 

I do not have any of my USDF medals as I am still in need of one additional Second Level score, something I hope to earn later this year. 

My contribution to the Pomona Chapter has been being the Chapter Chair for eight years.  Our by-laws only allow an individual to be Chair for three successive years, I have therefore done three years in succession, then took a year off, returning to be Chair for three additional years.  I am again after taking last year off from Chapter Chair duties the current 2018 Chair for the Pomona Chapter.

Carol Plough awarded to:

Katelyn Mosle

I have been a member of the Los Angeles Chapter of CDS since I moved from Ohio to California in January 2017. I am applying for both the Carol Plough and Janet Jackson scholarships.

My goal for this show season is to qualify to compete at the NAYC in Old Salem, NY in the FEI Junior division and the Festival of Champions in the Young Rider and Dressage Seat Medal divisions. Both horses that I have partnered with were graciously offered to me due to my performance as a working student. I am eager to learn as much as I can with these talented horses, and hope to have a successful show season where I am able to showcase my new knowledge. As both horses will be making their debuts in their respective division this year, my main focus is on learning to develop good basics in young horses so as to provide them with strong foundations that allows me to present them confidently in the show ring.

This scholarship would allow me to ride with Christophe Theallet, a graduate of the French Riding School Cadre Noir de Saumur. Christophe teaches clinics in my area about every four weeks, so I have been able to observe many times as an auditor and have been consistently impressed by his depth of knowledge.

My desire to develop my training and performance skills led me to seek out the advantageous position of a working student in the fall of 2016. In order to achieve both my education and competition goals, I relocated myself from the Midwest to the equestrian metropolis of Southern California.

RAAC Scholarship

South - Kristina Huff

How long have you been a CDS Member:  2 years
CDS Chapter: San Juan Capistrano  Region:  Southem

I would use the scholarship funds to continue to pursue qualifying for USDF Regional Championships.  At this point in time I am qualified to compete at Regionals in the Adult Amateur Equitation but am still pursuing my scores for qualifying for 1st level, 2nd level, and the freestyle.

Years  Ridden in RAAC: 2017- placed 9  in first level

Volunteer History: 2017 Volunteered at CDS Junior/Young  Rider Championships at Del Mar as a Ring Steward and Bit-checker.

Central - Rebecca Armstrong

I have been a CDS member since 2005.  I moved to California in October 2004.  I have always belonged to the East Bay.

My intention is to use the funds for further training with my instructor, Creeky Rouston “S”.  Currently, I organize and coordinate with other boarders her coming to the barn where I board at regular intervals – at least two times per month.

What years have you ridden in the RAAC? 2009 – at Third Level with Myrrha , 2011 – at Training Level with Morpheus , 2015 – at PSG with Tanzartig.

All of my mounts are homebred, home-started and ridden/trained by me albeit – budget permitting – with regular professional instruction to help me/us move up the levels.  Since relocating to California, I earned my Bronze Medal competing with Myrrha, who had a median of 62.442% at 3rd Level AA with the USDF in 2009.   Morpheus was the CDS 1st Level AA Reserve Champion in 2011 and 22nd nationally in the USDF First Level AA HOY standings that year. 

I have volunteered at a number of dressage shows in the capacity of scribing.  Most recently, I did so for the 2017 CDS Championship Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Division where I scribed for Sue Mandas “S”.  CDS recognized my volunteering as a scribe – and being good at it – by including me as one of the Top Ten Scribes in 2017 as recognized by Show Managers and Judges!


Sonoma Chapter $500. Awarded

Sonoma Chapter is holding a bit clinic with Kim Gentry on April 20th 2018. 

Eight participants have signed up and we would like to keep their costs lowered by getting a grant.

The facility is being donated and the participants will pay a fee.

We are asking for this grant to offset the costs of putting on this educational event.

Discover the Best Bit for Your Horse!

Get immediate feedback from your horse and often times riders feel dramatic changes in how horses go.  We encourage riders and their trainers to participate.

Bitting Clinic

Kim will bring a variety of snaffle, double bridle bits and jumping bits for clinic participants to try during their sessions. She will measure the horse’s mouth and look at the shape and overall anatomy of mouth and watch the horse go under saddle and then work different bits. The goal is to find the bit that the horse is the most comfortable in and the horse demonstrates this pretty clearly. She also believes that finding the right bit for the horse and rider combination is important in order to achieve the best harmony between the two. You will try several (or many!) bits and be off and on your horse multiple times.

Educational Objective: To educate our participants and auditors on the anatomy of the mouth and the options of bits out there. To learn more about fit and style and to get more experience on what the horses more comfortable when you have lots to choose from and an expert to help decide.

CDS Educational Scholarships

Shasta Chapter $316.60. Awarded

Activity Description:   Planned as a follow up to last year’s “Bit Fitting Educational Event”, this year’s event will allow more participation for our area and chapter members. Kim brings a variety of snaffle and double bridle bits for participants to try during their sessions. She will measure the horse’s mouth and look at the shape and overall anatomy of mouth and watch the horse go under saddle and then work different bits. The goal is to find the bit that the horse is the most comfortable in and the horse demonstrates this pretty clearly. She also believes that finding the right bit for the horse and rider combination is important in order to achieve the best harmony between the two.  Rider’s horses demonstrating different bits  to show auditors how a correct fitting bit for the individual horse’s mouth anatomy can greatly improve that particular horses submission and thereby way of going. Typically horses become better in the mouth and become softer and swing more in their bodies when the right bit is found. Often you will see many happier riders too as there is a better and more harmonious connection between horse and rider. Sometimes there are very dramatic changes in how horses go and sometimes the changes are subtle but very important changes.

Judge Candidate Scholarship $500

This scholarship is available to assist aspiring judge candidates to defray some of the significant expenses related to obtaining USEF certification. It is in the interest of growing the sport of dressage to encourage qualified L Program graduates to continue their education and to become the rated judges of the future, and to assist current judges to progress to higher ratings if desired.

To be considered, applicants must have been accepted to a specific program and must produce an acceptance letter along with the dates and place where the program will be held.

Judge Scholarship Awarded:
N Brent Hicks


The CDS Club 100 has budgeted certain funds for each calendar year. CDS would like to support junior riders and young riders who are competing at a minimum of Training Level. The Grant money can be used for any dressage educational purpose. Both rider and owner must be member of CDS in good standing to be eligible for grants. Grants are up to $200, to be given to juniors wanting help with lessons or costs for an educational event. Grants are also available for Chapter Junior events. Payment is made directly to the event or clinician.
Courtney Nunes
Genevieve Rohner
Danielle Skaar
Brinkley Devlin
Kaitlyn Bonis
Lindsey Brewin