CDS Scholarship Awards
$5,250 in 2019

Jane Jackson
awarded to:

Ben Ebeling

CDS Member from 2015-present, Los Angeles Chapter

I am very excited to have recently been selected to compete for the United States team for the Young Rider European Tour, and will be heading to Europe with my two horses, Illuster van de Kampert and Behlinger, in less than a week.  While it is extremely exciting to be selected, it also comes with very high costs, and I hope to use the funds from the CDS Jane Jackson and Carol Plough Scholarships to help with the expenses. 

I will be going to multiple competitions all over Europe, and I hope to use funding from the Jane Jackson Scholarship to help pay entry fees, travel expenses, and horse welfare expenses while competing at the international level.  Additionally, I am the only rider on the U.S. team that qualified with two horses; my new mount, Illuster van de Kampert, will be my primary competition horse, while Behlinger, with whom I placed in the top-10 individually at the 2018 NAYC, will travel as my reserve horse. 

While abroad, I will also receive training with both horses from my personal coach, Christoph Koschel, which is not covered by USEF.  I hope to use the funds from the Carol Plough Scholarship to help offset these costs and to receive as much training as possible while I am in Europe.  In an effort to share my experience with other riders in CDS, I will be posting frequent updates on my own social media accounts and plan to write an article about my experiences upon my return to the United States.  Having been to Europe for the Young Rider Tour in 2018, I know already that this is an incredible experience, and I plan to share the experience this year with as many people at home as possible.

Recent Competition History:

- Multiple wins at AGDF in Wellington, achieving scores of over 76% in Young Rider CDI competitions

- Competed at the U25 Grand Prix level

- I am only a few scores away from earning all of my USDF Medals, and am on track to achieve my USDF Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals by the end of the year

Hans Moeller awarded to:

Sheri Van’t Riet

I’ve been a member of CDS in the Los Angeles Chapter since 1990.

Being awarded this scholarship would help me further my education with my horse Sir Deauville to help bring him and me to our potential and give me more tools to pass on to my students and my clients’ horses. 

I hope to work with Charlotte Bredahl this summer.

At the 2018 CDS/Region 7 Championship Show, Sir Deauville and I won the Grand Championship/Keen Award for the CDS Grand Prix and Freestyle after placing second out of 17 in the CDS Grand Prix and third in the CDS Freestyle with scores over 70%, won the Region 7 GP Freestyle (70+%) and 4th place in the Region 7 Grand Prix.

In 2016, Sir Deauville and I placed in the top 10 at Grand Prix at the CDS Annual Show and placed 4th in the Grand Prix and Freestyle in the Region 7 Championships there. Also in 2016 and 2015, Sir D and I won the LA Chapter year-end championship in GP and many first places during the year in GP and GP Freestyle. 

I bought Sir Deauville in 2010, and in 2011, we won the West Coast FEI 6 Year Old Young Horse Championship. 

My horse, Sudan and I won the Keen Award in 2000 and 2001. In 2001, we qualified for the USET Festival of Champions at Gladstone, NJ, at Grand Prix, and I was grateful to receive a travel grant from CDS for that. I have always trained my own horses, who live at home, but have worked with many great people along the way, usually in clinics. They include Hilda Gurney (1990), Hubert Rohrer (1991-1993), Robert Dover (1999), Klaus Balkenhol (2001), Reiner Klimke (1998?), Sue Blinks (1999), and others. 

I earned my USDF Silver Medal in 1992 with my Quarter Horse Color Magic and my Gold Medal with Sudan in 1998. I never applied for my Bronze Medal, although I am qualified for it.

We just finished our third CDI this year at Del Mar, with mixed results, but some interest from two of our national coaches that I hope to build on. 

My goals are to improve my riding to come up to my horse’s talent and be good enough to make the US Team. Big dreams!

Sharon Carpenter awarded to:

No applications

Carol Plough awarded to:

Griffin Denham

My name is Griffin Denham, 18 years old, and am a current member of the Los Angeles (LA) Chapter, and have been proudly so for about 4 years.

  I am asking special funding from the Carol Plough Scholarship Grant of $500 to further my dressage education. Let me tell you how and why: First off, what I would like to do with this money is use it for clinics and private lessons with several of our top trainers here in Southern California, including Günter Seidel, Steffen Peters, and Sabine Schut-Kery, and potentially team coach, Debbie McDonald. I would love to work with them not only because they have competed at the highest levels, but because they have such a unique approach that I think is quintessential of dressage. It would help me to work with them, because I could then further my education, but I could also create new connections, making a broader base of networking in which I can use to better my relationship with CDS! 

I have newly leased my curent mount, Cool Diamante, and feel confident enough now, with about four months together, to expose ourselves to the outside world! My goals with him are to eventually compete at the FEI Junior or Young Rider level, and hopefully one day, compete in the U25 ranks, as I feel confident enough that he is capable and I am capable, combined with my drive and passion. My ultimate goal is to be an Olympic team member for USA. It has always been a dream of mine, and only recently do I feel that I really have a shot at it, because I am such a hard worker and I have so much drive and passion for this sport. 

I traveled over the summer to Germany, with funds I was able to raise. I worked with two Olympic riders and trainers. Hayley Beresford, who was the assistant trainer and rider for Isabell Werth, and then with Helen Langehanenberg, German Gold medalist. This was about the best experience of my life and I could not have been more invigorated with renewed passion then in these two months! Helen Langehanenberg has offered for me to work with her again this summer, and hopefully one extra month to work with former USA team Dressage coach, Klaus Balkenhol.

Currently I am working with Lars Holmberg and Ulf Wadeborn of Middle Ranch. I have been with them for over four years. I have learned so much from them and continue to. I plan on working for and riding with them as long as possible before embarking on my next chapter! Each Saturday, I spend all day working at the stable, riding, grooming, preparing meals, and turning out the 30-some horses. 

With the help of this money, I will be able to improve my skills and use them at the CDS shows. I’m so grateful to CDS for offering these grants and scholarships so openly! No doubt, CDS is a special community! I feel completely ready to devote myself entirely to California dressage and cannot wait to start competing and clinicing! 

RAAC Scholarship

South - Karen Nocket

2019 – 2021 Goals and Objectives:

I am riding a non-traditional dressage horse (retired Thoroughbred race horse) that has so much potential. We have shown Prix St. Georges in 2018 and have started schooling and showing Intermediate 1 in 2018. Ken’s Kitten is very smart, capable and hard working – his trot is wonderful to ride, his canter is very difficult to ride. In order to reach my goal of Grand Prix in two years, I need the help of some very creative professionals.

I was honored to ride in the 2016 and 2018 Amateur clinic with Melissa Creswick (she is absolutely wonderful to ride with). And, I have been able to clinic with Louise Koch, Melissa Creswick, Sarah Lockman, Sabine Schut-Kery and Donna Richardson.

RAAC – I’ve ridden at the RAAC in 2016 and 2018. The best time at a show ever. I hope to be able to show there every year.

Medals: CDS Sapphire GEM, USDF Bronze and Silver Metals

CDS Director – South
Palos Verdes CDS Co-Chair from 2015 to 2018
Contributed articles for the CDS Newsletter
Organized and ran the PVCDS Chapter Ride a Test in 2015 and 2016
Organized dressage clinics and events for the PVCDS Chapter

Central - Susan Sullivan

I have been a San Luis Obispo CDS Chapter member since 2014.

If awarded this scholarship, I would put the funds toward furthering my education and training experiences with world class clinicians like Hilda Gurney, Hans Schumacher and Francis Verbeek. I’ve audited their clinics. But it would be a dream to actually ride under their instruction! What an opportunity!

I have competed in the RAAC every year starting in 2014 through 2018. I’ve received three top honor awards and two reserve awards. It’s fantastic that CDS offers an additional shows beyond the CDS Horse of the Year. Riders can look forward to a competition just for amateurs. It not only builds confidence, it instills a real sense of accomplishment as well. Thank you CDS!

In 2018 I helped with set-up and take-down of several local CDS shows. I also worked as a scribe and ring steward. I am currently part of the show committee of the SLO/CDS Chapter and attend most of our chapter meetings. At our 2019 May show, I will be helping with scoring. There’s always loads to do and volunteers are never turned away! To keep your local chapter thriving and successful, it’s important to contribute in whatever way you can.

Thank you for your consideration.

North - Patrice Doyle

I have been a CDS member on and off for many years, as time and money for horses would allow. I currently belong to the Sonoma Chapter in the Northern California region.

If selected as the Northern Region scholarship recipient, I will be using the funding to help pay for either two rides in a Sue Curry clinic in 2019; or my 2019 RAAC entry fees (I am already qualified for this show at PSG). 

I rode in the RAAC in 2016 (Faya) and 2018 (The Black Tornado).

At the end of 2016, I had the opportunity to lease my friend’s retired GP horse, The Black Tornado (aka “Blackie”). At the end of August, we were in our first show together riding a PSG test. I hardly knew what I was doing! However, this was the start of a grand journey together. The following weekend I earned scores to qualify us for the 2017 CDS Championship Show in the CDS HOY PSG AA class. From there, Blackie taught me how to ride and how to ride the PSG test well.  

I also had the opportunity to ride and show Destinee, a Lusitano mare owned by a friend. Destinee was for sale and the owner was happy to have me get her out to some shows. Already trained through Fourth Level, I earned scores towards my bronze and silver medals. I also qualified for RAAC at Second Level, however Destinee sold before the 2017 RAAC show.

I volunteered at the CDS/USDF/USEF shows at Fairwind Farm in 2016, 2017, and 2018. In addition to volunteering, I donated numerous prizes and sponsored high point chairs at the Fairwind Farm shows. I donated high point awards at Starr Vaughn shows in 2017. I also donated a perpetual trophy in 2017 to the Sonoma Chapter CDS for AA PSG since no award existed in that chapter before.

Judge Scholarship Awarded:

Renee Johnson

As CDS and its benefactors have envisioned, the financial support for continued education and growth is paramount for our sport to thrive.

My love and contributions to the sport of dressage have spanned more than 30 years as a competitor, coach, volunteer and most recently judge. An arduous journey, I hold USEF Dressage and DSHB ‘R’ licenses and am currently participating in the ‘S’ judge promotion program.

As the Committee is quite aware, judge development programs are extensive and also expensive. The cost to attend our initial ‘S’ training program in February was $2600. Over the course of the year, I have calendared five more out of state travel plans to meet the obligatory requirements to complete the program.

Respectfully, I would like to ask for assistance to meet these and further financial challenges to obtain my Senior Dressage Judge rating.

Stacey Berry Scholarship awarded to:

Sara Hartman

My name is Sara Hartman, and I would like to be considered for the Stacey Berry Scholarship. I am currently showing at First Level, and schooling Second Level. I have been a member of the California Dressage Society, Sierra Nevada Chapter since 2016. The intended purpose of the scholarship would be training with my instructor, Victoria Cliff. Due to unforeseen circumstances, my horse and I did not show during the 2018 year, and need extensive instruction to prepare for the upcoming show season and Regional Adult Amateur Competition (RAAC) in 2019. The scholarship would be used for four (4) intensive private lessons. I was reserve champion in my first ever RAAC at Training Level in 2017. In 2017, I qualified for RAAC by showing at Dressage in the Sierras, CNDC Dressage Derby, and Starr Vaughn. I learned how to work through show nerves and pressure of showing, by competing in schooling shows at Pacific Equestrian Center.

I have volunteered in the SNC Chapter, by working behind the scenes to setup and remove the dressage court prior to riders schooling at the show. The volunteers worked through rain, snow, and wind to make sure the court was in compliance and approved for the upcoming shows.


The CDS Club 100 has budgeted certain funds for each calendar year. CDS would like to support junior riders and young riders who are competing at a minimum of Training Level. The Grant money can be used for any dressage educational purpose. Both rider and owner must be member of CDS in good standing to be eligible for grants. Grants are up to $200, to be given to juniors wanting help with lessons or costs for an educational event. Grants are also available for Chapter Junior events. Payment is made directly to the event or clinician.
Juliana Francesca Fuentes
Helena Crowley
Abigale Jacobsen
Sofia Platzman