Musical freestyles by award winning designer and competitor, Cynthia Collins. Music selection, tempo matching, design, editing, and choreography available. Specializing in Young Riders and Amateurs. I have earned numerous CDS and USDF freestyle titles on my mares, Tierra's Luna and Larisa, including the 2005 USDF National Reserve Champion at Fourth Level. Many of my clients have also won titles including the 2004 National Young Rider Individual Gold Medalist, Christina Beal on Ray Ace. Other clients include Hilda Gurney, Charlotte Bredahl-Baker, as well as David Wightman and Kathleen Raine.

Please visit my web page at www.LunaTunesFreestyles.com or call (760) 963-5869 for more information.


Saddle Fitting, Service, and Sales
Specializing in saddle fit evaluations, diagnosing of saddle fit issues, on-site servicing, fitting and sales of dressage saddles. We come to you. Qualified Saddle Fitters and Members of the Society of Master Saddlers in the UK. We are independent saddle fitters carrying several brands of saddles. We service all brand of dressage saddles. We also do saddle fitting clinics for your organization, barns and special events. We service California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, and Utah.

Please contact Sue or Graham Newell. 


graham@limelitesaddlery.com 970-712-7680. 



KATJA AUER, EEBW, MA, MBA is passionate about your horse’s well being and seeks to eliminate and prevent discomfort and maximize the performance potential of your equine partner. Her role is that of facilitator, assisting your animal to attain and maintain a naturally healthy state. Sessions are tailored specifically to your horses needs. She has extensively studied and is certified in modalities such as Equine Massage, Acupressure, The Five-Element Theory, Reiki, Myofascial Release and added a Cold Laser and Kinesiology Taping to her program plus is well versed on equine nutrition. She had the distinct pleasure to learn from Dr. Kerry Ridgway DVM, who taught her saddle fit, evaluation and basics of farrier science. She is one of a few equine body-workers with the most diverse education and toolboxes of various equine bodywork modalities available. By integrating modalities, she knows how to maximize each session for your horse achieving results.

Visit the website for more information www.EquineWellnessGroup.com


Northern California - Certified and Qualified. The MSFC qualification is an international saddle fitting diploma, based on current research and approved by the University of Utrecht Veterinary School. This qualification has the broadest scope and deepest reach of any course offered. Informed by the current and growing body of academic research, the course enables practitioners to apply the newest validated learning to saddle fitting, to improve the comfort of the horse and support a more rewarding horse-rider partnership.
MSFC Saddle Fitters are qualified to work with other equine professionals including vets, chiropractors and farriers.