TRIANA PANGRCIC is the current owner and head trainer of TRIANA’S DRESSAGE TRAINING specializing in promoting and training horses up thru the levels to FEI, finding the best equine partner for you, and coaching you and your horse to communicate clearly so you can both bring out the best in each other. 
She has extensive experience working for and with top professional in the U.S. and abroad including: Nancy Later (qualifier for US Olympic Festival ‘95), Sue Blinks (Olympic team member, world cup competitor and silver medalist), Mary Anne Grant (long listed rider for US Olympic team ’00), Carole Grant (double gold medalist Pan America Games ’83), Nona Garson (Olympic team member ’00), Ellen Bontje (3 time Olympian and Silver Medalist), Conrad Schumacher (coach to numerous Olympians), Dierick Wickmen (coach to ’03 Dominican Republic Pan AM team), and Oded Shimomi (competitor in the World Equestrian Games ’98). For over a decade and a half Triana has kept the well-being of the horses in her care and the goals of her students in the forefront of her focus while being highly competitive with numerous wins, championships, top finishes, and awards. In addition to accepting horses in training and being available for clinics Triana’s Dressage Training also has a select number of horses available for sale, lease, and lessons. Triana’s Dressage Training is located at the beautiful Savoir Faire Stables in San Marcos which includes many amenities for great care for your horse and your comfort.

Visit Triana’s website at or contact Triana directly at (561)676-8478or and let her guide your journey to get you and your horse(s) where you want to go.