Terry Church was “classically trained” through the FEI levels in the United States and Germany, and works with horses and riders at all levels of dressage. Although she has competed for a number of years, her primary intention is to help riders become aware of the kind of relationship needed to gain full responsiveness and cooperation with their horse while maintaining their horse’s ability to enjoy their work, at home or in the competition arena. This is done without force, extra equipment, or manipulative devices. Through finding this greater harmony with horses, Terry has found that people experience a much greater sense of purpose and personal fulfillment as well as enabling themselves a far broader understanding of the horse, a greater propensity for patience, the ability to problem-solve and think creatively/independently, and a higher capacity for “feel.” All of these abilities are vital components that allow for the true meaning of dressage to be expressed into form.

Terry is currently offering clinics in horsemanship and dressage throughout the United States. Please see her web site for full details and contact info: www.naturalsporthorse.com