Erika Jansson is a native of Sweden. She has been a dressage educator & rider for 30 plus years, with exceptional education, training & career achievements in Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, and California.
Best known as the Cavaletti Lady, Erika brings clinics to barns across the US, Canada & Europe.
From raw beginners to Grand Prix riders all levels and disciplines are welcome.
Cavaletti is a beautiful way to give your horse a Body Pump workout, flex the joints & build better trust & respect between the horse and rider. A Cavaletti session will strengthen your horse's core, improve coordination, elasticity & straightness, have fun & break out of the training rut.
Her beloved students (two and four-legged alike) enjoy Erika’s deep passion for creating respectful and eager communication between the horse and rider, as well as volumes of empathy and encouragement.
To learn more about Erika please visit her website at , e-mail her at  or call her at 707-326-7612.