Absolutely every horse is a unique individual and to achieve success each must be approached differently. Do you have a horse with a rearing issue? Does your horse have trouble trailer loading? Are you getting frustrated with your young horse? Each of these problems originates from poor horse and handler communication. Emily Lasher Dressage works to effectively support each horse or horse and rider pair in clearing up these misunderstandings. Emily Lasher has been starting and training dressage horses for over 15 years helping each horse work to his or her full potential. She has worked with Dressage horses of all breeds and levels. Young horses in training with her acquire confidence and trust and willingness to tackle every challenge. Emily’s clients, with a basic understanding of dressage fundamentals, are able to go on to easily pursue anything from trail riding, eventing, jumping, reining, or skijoring. Emily’s background has produced many successful FEI horses and riders as well, dressage being her ultimate competition goal. Emily trains out of the greater Rancho Santa Fe area.

She can be contacted at 619-865-1571, emilylasher@yahoo.com, or through emilylasherdressage.com.