PETRA BELTRAN created a program that puts a harmonious partnership between horse and rider at the center. The goal of her program is to foster happy, willing horses and knowledgeable, compassionate riders. Partnerships of total trust. When this is achieved one feels complete ease with their horse partner and is confident trying anything new.

She brings her deep experience and exposure in renowned European riding schools and academies to White Horse Dressage. While in her native Czech Republic, she managed the State Stud Farm in Kladruby — the first woman to do so in the stud farm’s 450+ year history. There, she credits her work with Dr. Norbert Zalis (the stud farm’s head trainer), Egon von Neindorff , and Melissa Simms as influencing the trainer she is today. She also trained with Arthur Kottas from the Spanish Riding School. A long-time protege of the late Melissa Simms, Petra continues the tradition of European academic dressage into the next generation. 

To help her clients achieve this, Petra offers instruction in basic through advanced dressage, lunge lessons, cavaletti, in-hand and long line work. Individual lessons, full and part time training offered. 

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